My Medical Aid Organizer - Binder

My Medical Aid Organizer - Binder


My Medical Aid Organizer™ Binder Kit #15 comes with a 2” x 10.5” x 11.5” premium view binder with Table of Contents and 15 tab index for you to organize your important medical records. Plus 2 FREE My Medical Aid Health Cards™ (one in section-1, one folded in a safe vinyl sleeve), Complimentary sample forms (sections 2,5,6,9), vinyl business card holder and receipt secure protector (section-15).

In taking ownership in organizing your medical records will truly make a difference in you and your families’ health care. This My Medical Aid Organizer keeps most of your medical records in one location. It is filled out and updated by you or your representative. This is a self-managed program, a “back to basics” approach.

Being prepared and organized can help with the stress of it all and provide valued information that can make a big difference in your over-all care.

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