My Medical Aid Health Card (Pack of 3)

My Medical Aid Health Card (Pack of 3)


The ALL NEW portable My Medical Aid Health Card (Version 4.0) comes with a safe vinyl sleeve protector and is ready for you to fill out your medical information on it. This 8.5” x 11” card comes folded down to 2” x 3.5” to easily fit in your wallet. With this order, you will receive 3 ea. My Medical Aid Health Cards and 3 ea. Safe Vinyl Sleeve Protectors.

  • Do you have allergies? Are you diabetic? What medications do you take? Are you on blood thinners? On vacation, is your medical information with you?
  • Do you have a list of your medications, allergies, and current and past conditions with you? Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

The My Medical Aid Health Card better prepares you for emergencies, hospitalizations and your next Doctor's visit. Being prepared makes it easier for paramedics, nurses, and physicians. Working together could save your life in an emergency. You can avoid unnecessary tests and procedures. This also decreases the risk of medical errors due to doctor's not having the proper information and sometimes prescribing drugs that you may be allergic to. Help the medical professionals help you!

Show you're My Medical Aid Health Card to your primary doctor at each office visit to verify the accuracy of all of your information. Update any changes immediately.

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Watch this easy way to fold your My Medical Aid Health Card™ so it fits in your wallet!