If You Don’t Understand, Ask Until You Do.

Written by John J. Genovesi, Author of "Are you Ready for the ER? - ebook

Don't feel bad if you don't understand your medical diagnosis, it’s more common than you know. It’s very important to understand what your doctor’s telling you. Sometimes doctor’s talk fast and use big words. Many of the best doctor’s have the worst handwriting and an even worst bedside manner. Ask them to explain it to you in a simple language until you do understand it and take notes, write it all down.  


In the past, I have asked doctors to write down the name of the illness or condition on a piece of paper, and if I still don't understand, I ask the nurses to explain it to me, sometimes they do a better job by giving you more details in common, easy-to-understand language. At times, I think the nurses know as much as the doctors and I know they take better care of the patients. If language is a barrier, ask for a translator. Most ERs, hospitals and doctor’s offices will have someone on staff.


If I were going to have major surgery, I would want to know exactly what my diagnosis is, all my options and all the answers to the questions I may have.

·       Do I need to have this surgery?

·       What is the success rate?

·       What are the risks?

·       Are there any other options?

·       Is there any risks due to the medications I am presently taking, and what new

        medications that they maybe give me during surgery?

·       What are the costs? Does my insurance cover it? What is my responsibility?


Should I get another opinion? Ask all the questions you need until you understand everything about your illness. Let’s not forget, they are all working for you. It’s your life, your health, get involved!  Help the professionals help you and your family in preparing for a medical emergency, hospitalization or surgery today at mycare101.com.


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John Genovesi